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Are you tech-savvy and interested in writing? We request you to take initiative and contribute with your piece of blog or article for our readers.

It is always refreshing to know the different views and perspectives of content creators and technical experts on the Internet. That’s why we always invite and love to hear from the writers who have a keen interest in the latest technological developments like new gadgets, software, antivirus, email, etc. This not only helps us but also helps our readers who are looking to get great information from the world of technology.

You should know that we are a team of hard Working professionals. We spend a lot of time and energy in finding the latest technological news around the world. Plus, we pull all our efforts to research the interest to share the right approach to deal with various common email issues and other technical problems through our post. Basically, we have a passion to help readers through our posts.  Remember, we expect a similar type of dedication for you.

We write on a large number of topics on our website. However, we can broadly classify all our posts into the following categories. You can share your well-written article in any of the following categories.

  • General Technical
  • New Tech Gadgets
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  • Reviews
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  • AOL Email
  • Office
  • Outlook Email
  • Internet Services
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  • Technical Troubleshooting
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  • Windows

Why you should write for us?

Courtesy of the hard work of our team and love of readers, this website has become a trusted platform to get quality content delivered for tech-savvy around the world. Readers around the world trust our website to get the latest information on what’s happening around the digital world. We can proudly say that we have thousands of unique readers that visit our posts every month. We have readers from around the world. So, the article or blog that you will share with us will reach a large number of readers sitting at different corners of the planet.

This will give you an excellent opportunity to share your views not only with non-tech savvy but also with technical experts and enthusiasts as well. Many of them will also share their feedbacks that will boost your technical knowledge as well as confidence to write more. Writing for a knowledgeable audience always expands your creativity from a basic level to an advanced level. Honestly, we can say that it is the perfect opportunity for you in case you are looking for a platform to start posting your work. You must not waste this opportunity, especially you are a fresher looking to make a career as a writer. Even if you are an experienced writer that you can use our platform to expand your portfolio that can be helpful for your next job.

How do you need to write?

For us, our readers are the top-most priority. We are working tirelessly to them with the best quality content on the Internet. We welcome you to share your knowledge, skill, and experience to serve our readers. You can share an article or blog with us on basic technical topics like new gadgets, email features, etc., or on advanced topics like email configuration, antivirus set up, etc.

We have a flexible policy as far as word limit is concerned. We share articles ranging from 1000 words to 2500 words. Word count is never an issue because it depends upon the complexity of topics.

We are looking for a creative and fresh perspective. So, there is no limitation on how you should write an article. You can write the same in your tone, style, and flavor. All we want is a well-structured and edited post without any grammatical errors.

Our Article Submission Guidelines

Before you start writing for us, we request you to go through our content guidelines carefully. This will help you understand what we are looking for.

  • Uniqueness – Originality works on the Internet. So, our requirement is that your content should be original. So, make sure that the article or blog you are sharing with us is 100% plagiarism-free. We never accept articles that are already posted somewhere else. We will check the same as soon as you submit your content to us.
  • Length – There is no upper limit on the length of the article you are looking to share. However, we do not post articles shorter than 1000 words in length.
  • Citations – We want our website to be a trusted source of information for readers. So, you must share a link to the official or credible source for any data or stats you are putting in your post.
  • Promotions not allowed – We do not allow brand promotions in our posts in any manner. So, don’t write any article that is only for SEO or promotion of your business.
  • Provide Meta Description – Meta description of content is extremely important. The meta description is a short summary of your article in not more than 250 characters.
  • Share Images – Images add up to a unique flavor to your article. So, we encourage you to add them to your article. At the same time, make sure you have proper rights to use that image. The ideal dimension of the image is 895×537.
  • Give us your Bio – Our readers will love to know who you are. So, do share your short and crisp bio. We have a no-promotion-allowed policy. However, you can share links to your website in your bio. Remember, your bio should not be more than 3 sentences long.

How can you begin?

Writing for us is very easy. To begin your journey with us on a positive note, we suggest you get a rough idea about our expectations from writers. Plus, you should also visit the already published articles on our website. It is important because we don’t want you to end up writing articles that are already covered by our team.

What is the process to publish articles on our website?

  • Please note that we have a dedicated team of content writers that shoulders the responsibility to analyze the topics submitted by you. The team will check and confirm that the article that you submit is plagiarism-free and valuable enough for our readers.
  • Remember, we have the right to judge whether the post submitted by you is appropriate for our readers or not. We also reserve the right to modify the content submitted and make necessary changes as per the requirement of our website.
  • You will get a confirmation from our side once you are done submitting your article. In the confirmation mail, we will let you know whether your article is approved for publication or not. You should also know that after you submit your article with us you will have no right to post the same somewhere else.
  • All guest postings will remain valid for one year only. After one year, we have the right to remove your post from our website.

That’s it, guys. It is all we have to say about our guest posting rules. So, if you want to contribute and help our reader then do let us know by sending an email at [email protected] in a proper format. We are eagerly looking forward to your response. We assure you that we will get back to you within 1 to 2 business days after your email.