Complete Steps for How do I Fix Google Not Responding on Android

Google Chrome Flash Nowadays, Internet has become the epicenter of finding almost all the information that we need Google Chrome Help.  As we all know that a search engine is a medium between users and the internet. Chrome Flash Support  Google Maps Not Working on iPhone Over the years “Google” has become such popular that it is being used as the synonym for a search engine. Google Chrome Contacts App Despite being immensely famous, Google Chrome Flash Support Ending Google is not absolutely flawless. Still, the issues like Google not working on my phone 2021 are commonly overheard on the internet Google Chrome Flash Player.

Google Chrome Not Working If you are also wondering why is Google search not working on my phone then this article is tailor-made for you. Google Chrome Adobe Flash Player Here, you will find the common reasons and troubleshooting measures to fix Google Chrome Contacts App this type of issue and you need Google Chrome Help.

How do I Fix Google App Not Working?

Why is my Google search not working

Google Play Store Not Working Primarily, there are two possible reasons that can cause problems in the proper working of the Google search engine Google Phone Contacts.

  1. Problem with the Internet connection.
  2. Some issue with the Google app.

Google Play Services Not Working Furthermore, there are some other causes as well that can stop Google app from working properly for example – you might be using an incorrect password Google Phone Contacts and Google Chrome Help.

How do I Fix Google Not Responding on Android?

Google Not Responding on Android

Google Account Manager APK Download Let’s go through the troubleshooting steps to fix Google App on your android device. Google Home Not Working Please note that these are steps are progressive in nature which means you have to follow one step after the other
Google Chrome Latest Version 2021.

  1. First of all, ensure that your android phone is not working on airplane mode.
  2. Check your wifi connection if you use wifi to connect to the Internet.
  3. Those who use mobile data connection instead of wifi then they need to check the same.
  4. Now, let’s try to fix your Google app. Firstly, you should restart your Google app and try again.
  5. Similarly, you should try again after restarting your android phone.
  6. Next, update your Google app from the play store if you are using an obsolete version.
  7. In the next step, you must clear out the cache of your Google App. Google Assistant Not Working Here are the steps to follow if you don’t know how to clear the Google App Cache.
    1. Tap “Settings” and then apps on your android phone.
    2. Choose “Google App”.
    3. Then, tap “Clear Cache” under “Storage” or “Cache”.
  8. If none of the steps help you fix the problem that you are encountering then it is better to clear your Google App data. Check the steps below to do so.
    1. First, you need to open the “Settings” app.
    2. Then, tap “Apps” or “Application manager” under “Device”.
    3. Choose “Google App” and tap “Manage Space” under “Storage”.
    4. Finally, you must tap on the “Clear Google Search data”.
  9. To get a personalized experience of Google Chrome Flash Not Supported 2021 Google, you must sign-in with your Google account. If you find some suspicious searches in your Google app search history then you must change the password immediately. Google Chromecast Not Working Given below are the steps if you are wondering Google Chrome Help.

How to Change My Google Account Password

    1. Open your Google account and sign-in with your current password.
    2. Choose the “Signing in to Google” option under the “Security” tab.
    3. Select “Password”. Here, you might need to sign-in once again.
    4. Enter your new Google password and confirm the same.
    5. Finally, click “Change password” to save changes Google Chrome New Version 2021.

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