How to Fix Sympatico Email Not Working (Iphone Outlook)

There isn’t any doubt that Sympatico Email is an advanced email service having a lot of cool features. Provided by Bell Canada, Sympatico email can be accessed by using a variety of devices like a computer, android, iOS devices, etc. Despite its sophisticated functions, now and again, users have to face different kinds of problems in using Sympatico email on an iPhone. This post can help you significantly if the Sympatico email stopped working on your iPhone. Here, we will provide you the troubleshooting steps by which you can get rid of such problems easily Bell Canada Internet Not Working, Bell Internet Canada Login 2021.

Some Steps to Fix Sympatico, Bell Canada, Bell Internet, Email Not Working on iPhone Problem

Although the troubleshooting measures depend upon the exact problem you are facing, here are some steps that you can try to fix this issue.

  1. First of all, make sure your iPhone can connect to the internet. Try to open some other websites for checking this.
  2. Check the storage space on your iPhone and make sure it is not depleting.
  3. Make sure the Sympatico Email account is properly configured on the iPhone. You can also reconfigure the same if required.
  4. You may switch the server setting if the problem continues. For example – you can switch to POP settings if IMAP settings are not working.
  5. Open Sympatico email on the web browser and see if your account is working properly or not.
  6. In case the issue persists then you should seek help from Sympatico support service.

Sympatico Email Server Settings Android

Gone are the days when you have to look around for a computer/ laptop to check your emails. Now, if you have an android smartphone then you can access your emails easily. Keep reading this post in case you are a Sympatico email user and want to setup & sync your email account on android. Here, we will provide you Sympatico email server setting for android. Using these settings, you can configure Sympatico email on android device in a very simple manner.

Sympatico Incoming (IMAP) Mail Server Setting

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Username: Your Sympatico email address
  • Password: Your password
  • Server Hostname:
  • Server Port: 993
  • SSL/ TLS: Yes
  • Required Authentication: Yes.

Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server Settings

  • Account Type: SMTP
  • Username: Your Sympatico Email address
  • Password: Your email account password
  • Server Hostname:
  • Server Port: 25
  • Required Authentication: Yes
  • SSL/ TLS: yes
Steps to setup Sympatico email on android

You can use the settings mentioned-above to configure Sympatico email on android by following the steps below.

  • Launch mail app on your android phone and enter your Sympatico email Id and password.
  • Tap on “Manual Setup” and choose “IMAP”.
  • Then, enter the Incoming “IMAP” settings on the next screen.
  • Similarly, you need to enter the Outgoing “SMTP” settings on the subsequent screen.
  • Tap “Done” when you are done with entering all the settings.
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