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Activate Straight Talk On New Phone With Old Number?

Straight Talk Activate Sim If you wish to activate Straight Talk with your old number, you can get your old number ported to Straight Talk. Before you proceed with the same, it is important to make sure that the number you are porting must be active with your current service provider. Refill You need to make a request to Straight Talk to port in your number. Straight Talk Phones and Plans Follow the steps below to activate Straight Talk with your old number.

  • Place a request to transfer your old number to Straight Talk and initiate the activation process by visiting the website
  • Select the radio button option ‘Activate my phone with a number transferred from another company’.
  • Your phone number will then be transferred to Straight Talk. It could take a few hours to 2 business days to transfer your number. For landline numbers, the transfer may take a little longer.
  • Your new Straight Talk phone will be ready to complete activation when your old phone stops working.

Activate Straight Talk On New SIM Card?

Straight Talk Plans You can activate your Straight Talk on a new SIM card by visiting the official website Straight Talk Phones You can also contact the Straight Talk customer support from any other phone number to activate your new Straight Talk phone. You will need the following to active your Straight Talk on new SIM card:

  • IMEI/ MEID/ Serial Number from your activation card
  • SIM card
  • Your phone, with the battery at least 50% charged

Straight Talk Carrier It could take a few minutes to around an hour for your Straight Talk phone to activate on your new SIM card. However, Straight Talk Home if you are upgrading to a new Straight Talk phone and want to keep your previous Straight Talk phone number as well, the activation may take up to 24 hours.

How to Setup Straight Talk Hotspot On iPhone?

Straight Talk Change Phone To set up and activate your Straight Talk Hotspot you can either visit the Straight Talk website or give a call to the Straight Talk customer care center. An active email address is required in order to activate the Straight Talk Hotspot. The steps for the same are provided below.

  • Using your email address register yourself on the Straight Talk’s website. You will also require this email address to gain access to your account.
  • In case you do not have an email address, you can contact the Customer Care Center to complete your activation. They will register on your behalf and upon registration will provide you an email address for accessing your account.
  • After successful registration, you need to provide your physical address and to set up a password for your account.
  • After activation, you need to keep your activation and device materials, and specifications safe for future reference. These details will be required if anytime you need to reactivate your Hotspot for any reason.

How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone For AT&T SIM Card?

How to Talk to a Live Person in Straight Talk Customer Service Straight Talk Plans Refill Online The instructions to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone for AT&T SIM card are provided below:

Using a Non-AT&T SIM Card

  • Remove the SIM card from your device.
  • Insert your new SIM card.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Using an AT&T SIM Card

  1. Back up your iPhone

  • First of all, make sure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, go to Settings, tap on your name, and then tap iCloud.
  • Click on iCloud Backup > Back Up Now.
  • Wait till the backup completes successfully.
  1. When you have a backup, erase your iPhone

  • Go to your device settings and click on General > Reset.
  • Enter your passcode or Apple ID password when prompted.
  • Wait till the data erases successfully. After the data erase, your phone turns off.
  1. Restore your iPhone

  • Turn on your device and a Hello screen appears. Follow the instructions on the screen until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
  • Tap Restore from iCloud Backup and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
  • Carefully look at the date and size of each backup point and pick the most relevant one. Choose a backup and then the restoration will start automatically.
  • If a message displays on screen saying that a newer version of the software is required, follow the onscreen steps to update it.
  • If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID and restore your apps and purchases. You can also click on Skip this Step and sign in later to skip this part but you won’t be able to use the apps until you sign in with your Apple ID.
  • A bar will appear to show the progress of the restoration process. Depending on the size of the backup and the network speed, the progress bar can take a few minutes to an hour to complete.
How to Change the Straight Talk Number to another Phone?

To change your Straight Talk number to another phone number you need to contact Straight Talk at 1-877-430-CELL (2355). You can use the automated system or speak to a Customer Care Representative to change your phone number. How do I talk to a live person at straight talk The following information will be required to change your Straight Talk number to another phone number:

  • The phone number that is to be transferred
  • Account number or service PIN from the current phone service provider
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN
  • A Straight Talk Account
  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Service
  • A Service card or Service Plan at the time of activation
How to Fix Straight Talk Not Working After Activation 2021?

There are different reasons as to why your Straight Talk is not working after activation. Maybe your data settings are not updated or there is no signal or no service in your area. Sometimes, there can be some problem with activation and your number is activated completely creating issues. straight talk customer service Improper insertion of SIM card is also a major cause of Straight Talk not working after activation. To get a fix of this problem caused by any of the above or other reasons you need to contact the Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (2355).

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