Easy Steps for Set up Outlook email on iPhone

Unlike many other email services, you can set up Outlook mail automatically on iOS. All you have to do so provide some basic information about your account. But, at the same time, you need to take care of a few things. So, make sure you know the correct method before you set up Outlook email on iPhone”

The introduction of smartphones like an iPhone completely changed the way we handle our email account. We no longer need a computer or a laptop to check emails. In fact, things are now very easy. You can send or receive your Outlook email just by a few taps on your iPhone. An iPhone has the “mail” app dedicated to exchanging emails. However, to use it with your Outlook account, you need to set up your Outlook email account on your iPhone.

As mentioned above, iPhone supports the automatic configuration of an Outlook email account. At the same time, you will have to take care of a few things. In this post, we are going to provide you with a certain set of steps that you can follow in order to configure Outlook email on an iPhone. In addition to this, we will also provide with you solutions to some common problems often faced by users during the Outlook email configuration of iOS. 

Set up an Outlook email account in the iOS Mail app (Automatic Method)

“Note: In case you have a work account that requires the Intune Company Portal app, install it from the App Store before setting up Outlook for iOS”

Adding up an Outlook email account to your iOS mail app will let you sync Outlook email with ease. In this way, you will get an instant notification as soon as you receive an email on your Outlook email account. Let’s go through the steps that you need to follow in order to configure Outlook email on your iPhone. 

  1. To begin the setup process, you need to open Settings on your iPhone. 
  2. Then, you should scroll down and tap on the “Password & Accounts” button. You will find this page around halfway down the page. 
  3. Next, you should tap on the “Add Account” button. 
  4. This will take you to a screen where you will find a list of popular email applications. 
    1. From the list, you will have to tap on the “Outlook.com” button. 
    2. Now, a new screen will display on your screen that will ask you to type in your Outlook email address and password. 
    3. Then, the app will ask you for permission. You can grant the permission swiftly by taping “Yes”.
    4. Tap on the “Yes” button to activate email functionality. This will allow you integrate calendars, and contacts with your Mail app. This will also let you send and receive Outlook email using the mail app of your iPhone. 
    5. Remember, you have to right to select what details you want to share. You will find the options to share email, contacts, calendars, reminders, and notes. You can also adjust these settings later on if you want. 
    6. After that, tap on the “Save” button appearing in the right corner of the box to confirm your settings.
    7. The option to choose “Outlook” will now show up in the “Passwords and Accounts” list. 
    8. You can now go back to the home screen by pressing the home button. 
    9. Now, tap on the “Mail” App. The Outlook should appear in your mailboxes. You may tap on the same to read your messages.  

How to configure Outlook email on an iPhone manually 2022?

On some rare occasions, you can find it difficult to set up Outlook on an iPhone automatically. Thankfully, there is a manual method available by which you can complete the configuration. The same method is explained below. 

“Note – Before you start the manual configuration you should ensure that your iPhone has a mobile data or wifi connection. Also, ensure that your phone is not on airplane mode.  
  1. Firstly, you should open Outlook for iOS and open settings.
  2. Tap on “Add Accounts” and then “Add Email Account”.
    1. Next, you should enter your email address and tap “Add Account”.
    2. Now, the “Select your Email provider screen should display on your iPhone”. Here, you must choose “IMAP”.
    3. Enter the password of your Outlook email account and toggle on the “Use Advanced Settings” option. 
    4. After that, you should enter the server setting information that is needed and tap “Sign in”.

IMAP/ POP settings to add Outlook email to iPhone

As you can see in the previous process, you need to enter the IMAP setting to set up Outlook on iPhone. You can check the correct IMAP settings to add Outlook email to iPhone as given in the following table. 

“Note: Along with the IMAP, we are also providing POP settings that you can use. Please note that both IMAP and POP settings have their own advantages and disadvantages. We request to know about these settings thoroughly before reaching a final decision to use one type of setting”.  
Email Provider  IMAP Settings POP Settings  SMTP
Microsoft 365, Outlook, Hotmail, Live.com
  • Server: outlook.office365.com
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL/TLS
  • Server: outlook.office365.com
  • Port: 995
  • Encryption: SSL/TLS
  • Server: smtp.office365.com
  • Port: 587
  • Encryption: STARTTLS
  • Server: imap -mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL/TLS
  • Server: pop-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 995
  • Encryption: SSL/TLS
  • Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 587
  • Encryption: STARTTLS

Use Outlook app on your iPhone

Luckily, Outlook has a dedicated application that you can use on your iPhone. The application has a very clean user interface. So, we can say that it is the best way to use Outlook on your iOS device. However, to do that you need to download an application from the app store. The complete process is as follows. 

  • First of all, you have to launch the app store on your iOS device. 
  • In the app store, you should tap on the search field and enter Outlook. 
  • Download and install the official Microsoft Outlook app that will appear in the search result. 
  • Now, if you are using Outlook for iOS for the first time then you must tap “Account”. If not, then you should open the menu and choose “Settings”. 
  • Next, tap “Add Account” followed by “Add Email Account”.
  • After that, if you are asked to choose your email provider then there may be a misconfiguration.
  • In the next step, you will have to enter your email account password and tap “Sign in”.
“Note: The sign-in screen may look a bit different for you depending upon your email provider. 
  • You will have to verify your identity in case multi-factor authentication is enabled. 
  • Accept any prompt from the app that you may receive. 
  • Swipe through the introduction of features. 

That’s it, you are now ready to use Outlook for iOS. 

Outlook for iOS System Requirements

We have already discussed how the Outlook app is the best way to use the Outlook email service on your iPhone. However, you will be able to use this application only if your device meets all system requirements. The detailed system requirements are as follows. 

  • RAM (Memory) – 1 GB
  • iOS Version – The application supports the two most recent versions of iOS and iPadOS. When a new version of iOS or iPadOS is released, the Office Operating System requirement becomes the two most recent versions: the new version of iOS or iPadOS and the last version
  • An active and smooth internet connection
  • The skype app also requires a built-in camera or USB 2.0 video camera, a microphone, and an audio output device in order to utilize its full range of calling features.

Forgot Outlook password 

Please note that it is not possible to set up Outlook email on an iPhone if you can’t remember the password. Given below are the steps that you can follow in case you want to reset your Outlook password. 

  • Firstly, you should visit the official login window of MS Outlook. 
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link appearing at the bottom of the window. 

  • After that, you will have to verify your identity. To verify your identity, you can either receive an email or text from Outlook. 

  • Enter the verification code that you will receive either on your phone or an alternate email address. 
  • The option to create a new password will display if you enter the verification code correctly. 

You may easily set up Outlook email on your iPhone after recovering the password. 

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