Outlook Email Not Working

How to Fix Outlook Email Not Working on iPhone?

Outlook Email Not Working 2020 We are not short of options as far as email clients and services are concerned. There is a plethora of email clients from which we can select our favorite one. outlook error code 3253 However, MS Outlook still takes the cherry and continues to be the most popular email client on earth. outlook error code 17199 One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Outlook is its compatibility with a wide range of devices like Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Despite being compatible the issues like Outlook App Not working on iPhone 2020 are reported quite often by the users.

In today’s post, we will discuss the course of action that you can take if your Outlook isn’t working on the iPhone.

Easy Ways to Fix Outlook Email Not Working on an iPhone.

outlook error code 49993 Let’s check the actions that you should take if your outlook email stopped working on an iPhone.

  • Make sure you are using an updated version of the MS Outlook app.
  • Check and ensure that your iPhone is not running out of storage space.
  • Your iPhone should not be on airplane mode.
  • Try to run MS Outlook on iPhone again after clearing the app data.
  • In case the issue persists then it is better to uninstall the Outlook app and install it once again from the app store.

How to add Signature in Outlook 2020?

A signature gives a unique and personal touch to your emails. Especially, if you use emails for marketing purpose then a signature is an effective platform to showcase information about your business. outlook error code 17193 Unfortunately, not many of us know how to add signature in outlook. Although the process of doing this is very simple there are a few things that you must take care of. Keep reading this post to get complete information about the process of adding a signature to your outlook emails.

How to Create a Signature in Outlook Email?

Outlook error code 998 The steps by which you can create an attractive email signature on Outlook are as follows.

  • Run MS Outlook and choose the “File” option.
  • Then, click “Option” from the menu available on the left-hand side.
  • Now, the “Outlook Options” dialogue box will appear on your screen. In this box, you must choose “Mail” and select “Signatures” in the “Compose Message” section.
  • You should click “New” under the “Select Signature to Edit” option.
  • After that, you can provide a name for your new signature in the “New Signature” dialog box.
  • Type your signature in the “Edit Signature” field. You will find this field in the “Signature and stationery” dialog box.
  • Finally, you just need to click on the “Ok” button in the “Outlook option” dialog box.
Important point to remember
  • In case you own an MS office 365 account and use both Outlook and outlook on the web then you have to create a signature on both the products. So, it is important for you to know how to login to Outlook 365 and create a signature. The steps we have mentioned above are applicable for popular outlook versions like Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Office 365.

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