How to Fix is Not Responding iPhone is Not Responding iPhone :- The emergence of IMAP and SMTP server settings has given a whole new dimension to the way we use our Gmail accounts. We can now utilize these settings to configure and sync Gmail on our android/ iOS devices. Although IMAP settings are designed to work flawlessly some technical issues are inevitable.  Once in a while, we have to deal with issues like not responding on iPhone, iPad, or other email clients. Gmail IMAP not working with Outlook 365 Go through this tutorial to know what you should do if Gmail IMAP not responding to your deviceoutlook cannot connect to gmail keeps asking for password.

Easy Steps to Fix Gmail IMAP Settings Error on iPhone

what is Gmail pop and SMTP Settings Here are the troubleshooting measures that you may try when the server is not responding on your iPhone/ iPad.

  • The first thing you must check is your internet connection. Remember, the internet on your iPhone must be fast and uninterrupted.
  • Your iPhone must not be on airplane mode. In this mode, the internet doesn’t work correctly result in server errors.
  • Verify that you have entered the correct login information of your Gmail account while setting it up on iPhone.
  • Remove Gmail from your iPhone and configure it once again if the problem continues.

What if is not Responding to outlook?  

Outlook can’t connect to Gmail Similar to iOS devices, this issue can also occur in third-party email clients like Outlook. But, the good thing is you can fix such glitches by following the steps below.

  • Ensure that the POP/ IMAP option is enabled in Gmail.
  • Make sure that Gmail IMAP settings are properly installed on Outlook.
  • Still, if Outlook cannot connect to Gmail then you may reconfigure the account.

How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

Despite being an exceptional email service, Gmail is also prone to some technical glitches. Out of these technical issues, Gmail error code #007 is quite prevalent. This error code appears when we try to send an email using our Gmail account. Not only on computers, but users also face Gmail server error on iPhone and Android devices as well. In case you are also facing troubles due to this issue then you may check the following steps to solve Gmail server Error 007 with ease.

  • To initiate the troubleshooting, you must update your web browser to the latest version.
  • Disable the extension in your browser and restart it.
  • Next, you should clear your browser from the cache, cookies, and pre-fetch files.
  • In case the Gmail error 007 is still appearing then you may disable the Lab’s send option.
Steps to resolve Gmail Server Error 404

The Gmail Server error 404 is equally annoying as error code 007. Let’s have a look at the following solutions to get rid of this error.

  • Refresh your Gmail multiple times as this error is temporary and goes away automatically after a few minutes.
  • In case the problem continues for a longer time, then be sure you are using the latest version of a compatible browser.
  • Load Gmail again after removing extensions and plug-ins from your browser.
  • After that, you must clear your web browser’s cookies, caches, and search history. Run Gmail again to see this resolves the error.
  • If the error is still occurring then it is better to switch to another browser and device to open Gmail.

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