Steps for How To Format an External Hard Drive

How To Format an External Hard Drive in Mac Whenever you buy an external hard drive, there is a great chance that it will come pre-formatted for windows devices. How to Hard Drive Repair It is so because a large number of users prefer windows operating system. You won’t need to reformat your external drive as long as you are going to use it on a Windows PC. But, you may have to format to make your hard disk compatible with other operating systems.

How to Hard Drive Data Recovery In today’s post, we will illustrate the methods to format an external hard drive in Windows, Mac and other popular operating systems.

How to Format an External Hard Drive Windows 10?

How to Recover Hard Drive Data after Formatting We will start with a basic method to format the external hard drive on a Windows 10 computer.

  • First of all, plug in your external drive and run windows explorer.
  • Right-click on the icon of your external drive and select “Format” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the file system you want, i.e. NTFS or FAT 32.
  • Give a name to your file under “volume label”.
  • Ensure that the box against the Quick Scan option is checked.
  • Finally, click on the “Start” button to initiate the formatting process.

How to Format an External Hard Drive for Mac

You can go through the following steps if you looking to format an External Hard Drive on Mac.

  • Open the finder after plugging in your external hard drive.
  • Next, go to the menu and choose “Utilities” from the drop-down,
  • Then, open “Disk Utility” and select your external drive from the left sidebar. Also, Click on “Erase”.
  • Enter a name for your drive and then choose the file system from the format drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click “Erase” and the system will format your drive.

What are the steps for formatting an External Hard Drive in Linux?

Check out the steps below if you don’t know how to format an external hard drive in Linux OS.

  • Insert your external drive and identify the volume.
  • After identifying the drive you need to un-mount it because the hard-drive gets mounted automatically.
  • Finally, enter the format command as per the file system.
    • vFAT File System – mkfs.vfat /
    • NTFS File System – mkfs.ntfs/
    • EXT4 File System – mkfs.ext4/
How to Format an External Hard Drive for PS4?

To use your newly purchased external hard drive on PS4, you might need to format it. Follow the steps below in order to do so.

  • Connect your hard drive to PS4 and go to settings.
  • Choose “Device” and then “USB Storage Devices”.
  • Select your external hard drive in the next step.
  • Choose “Format as extended storage” and tap X.
  • Tap “Next” and choose “Format”.
  • After that, you must tap “yes.”
  • Finally, choose “Okay” and tap “X” to finish up the process.

Now, all the new games in your PS4 will get stored in your new external hard drive.

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