How to Download and Install Internet Explorer

It is true that a plethora of Internet browsers are available these days. Still, many users prefer Internet Explorer to visit their favorite websites. The Windows PC users might know that Internet Explorer is more than just an application. Actually, it is a part of Windows components which should be updated regularly. Those who are using an obsolete version can download and install Internet Explorer 11 (latest version) quite easily. In this tutorial, we are providing you with information on the process of Internet Explorer installation on both Windows and Mac computers.

What are the Steps to Install Internet Explorer on Windows?

Because IE is one of the windows components, you just need to update it through the control panel in order to use its latest versions. Go through the instructions below if you don’t know how to update Internet Explorer on a Windows PC 2021.

  • Go to “Add/ remove programs” in the control panel.
  • Click “Turn windows feature on or off” and uncheck “Internet Explorer” and then “Ok”.
  • Now, Internet Explorer will disappear from the Start menu and desktop.
  • Again, open “Add/ remove programs” and choose “Turn windows feature on or off”.
  • This time you must check the box against “Internet Explorer” and click “Ok”.
  • This will reinstall and update Internet Explorer.

How to Run Internet Explorer on Mac?

Users who are looking to use the IE browser on Mac and don’t know how to Download Internet Explorer for Mac 2021 should check out the instructions below.

  • Natively, it is not possible to use Internet Explorer on Mac devices.
  • You may still launch this browser on Mac devices using a virtual machine.
  • First, you have to install Virtual machine software on your Mac device. Then, you may download and install Internet Explorer on your Mac device.

How to Fix Internet Explorer not Working after Windows 10 Update?

Many users have reported that their Internet Explorer is not working after the windows 10 update. There are numerous possible reasons that may have caused this problem. Check out the troubleshooting measures that you should follow in such kind of situation.

  1. First of all, wipe out all the temporary Internet Explorer files i.e. cache, cookies, etc. You may check the following steps if you don’t know how to clear the cache in Internet Explorer.
    1. Open “Internet Option” and click on the “General” tab.
    2. Choose “Browsing History” and click “Delete”.
    3. Uncheck the option against “reserve Favorites website data” and then delete “Temporary Internet Files”
  2. Remove all third-party add-ons and extensions from the browser if the problem continues.
  3. Still, if Internet Explorer not responding 2021 or working smoothly then you must reset its settings. In case you don’t know How to Reset Internet Explorer Settings in Windows 10 then you may check the following steps.
    1. Open Network and Internet tab in the Control Panel
    2. Select “Internet Options” and then “Advanced”.
    3. Finally, click “Reset.”

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