Complete Solution: How to Change Comcast Email Password on Outlook and iPhone

Comcast email users should periodically change their account password for security purposes and sometimes, they come across the need of changing the password if they forgot the same or their account got compromised. Here, you’ll find the quick ways to change or reset your Comcast email password on Outlook. Additionally, we have also shared information on how to configure outlook for Comcast email, Comcast email SMTP settings- this will eliminate possible errors you may face while changing your Comcast email password.

Change Comcast Email Password on Outlook

Many of the Comcast email account users use their Comcast email accounts through third-party email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. MS Outlook is one of the most famous email clients that are used by a large number of Comcast users. Things can be a bit problematic when the user who operates a Comcast email account on outlook forgets the password. So, let’s follow the simplest approach to reset or change your Comcast email password. Though, we’ve tried to furnish the best possible information on how to reset Comcast email password, still, if you are not able to set a new password for your account then feel free to reach the Comcast email support team.

How to Change Comcast Email Password on Outlook?

Are you keen to change your Comcast email password on Outlook? Well, the procedure given below will help you out for sure. We have simplified the process so that any group of users (whether a tech-savvy or not) can change or reset their account password easily. Still, you are free to ask Comcast customer service for further assistance.

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to Microsoft account security and then choose password security.

Microsoft account

Step 2: As a security measure, Microsoft will verify your identity with a security code.

Step 3: Then, provide the security code that you will receive on your phone or email.

Step 4: After that, you just have to provide your current password.

Step 5: Next, you need to provide a new password and click on the “Submit” button.

How to Reset Comcast Email Password?

In case you are not using Comcast on the third-party application and wondering how to recover my Comcast email password. Then, all you need to do follow the steps mentioned below.

First, you need to go to Then, provide your Xfinity ID and click on the “Continue” button.

Reset Comcast Email Password on Mac

Next, you have to complete the security check by typing the moving letters in the box.

Click on the “Continue” button after completing the security check.

Select the method by which you are looking to recover your password. Here, you can choose any of the following four options.

  • Email me: To receive an email on the registered email ID.
  • Text me: To get an SMS on the registered phone number
  • Call me: To get a phone call on the registered phone number
  • Answer my security question: To answer the security question that you might have select at the time of the creation of the account.

Answer the security question or enter the security code that you will receive on your phone number or registered email ID.

If your answer or security code is correct then you will get the option to create a new password.

Finally, provide a new and strong password for your Comcast email account.

How to Configure Outlook 365 for Comcast Email and Update Password?

Users are recommended to follow the steps prescribed below for resetting or changing password or configuring Microsoft Outlook 365 client to work with Comcast email.

Note: As per the Xfinity official website, if you use any third party email programs such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird and more for accessing your email, there is a chance that it’ll expose your Xfinity ID and password to fraud and other risks. Therefore, the official recommends users to access Comcast email by going to Xfinity Connect and clicking Email.

Still, if you are keen to manage your Comcast email using Outlook 365 then you’ll need to visit Xfinity Connect and check the Access Security box to turn on access to third party email programs. Users are recommended to follow the instructions as provided below:

Configuring Microsoft Outlook 365

You need to open Outlook and click the File menu.

Next, you need to click Add Account.

Add Account

Now, you’ll be asked to enter your email address (e.g. [email protected]).

Enter your email address

Further you need to enter password and click Connect.

Enter your password

Click done if your account has been added successfully.

Done when your account added

How to update Your Email Password in Microsoft Outlook 365?

Follow the steps given below to update your email password in Microsoft Outlook 365:

Go to file and click Account Setting.

Account Setting

Choose your email account and click repair.


Go to the Advanced setting and Place a checkmark next to Let me repair my account manually.

Hit repair and enter your new password.

Enter your new password

Hit next and you have successfully configured your Outlook client for sending or receiving email.

How to Configure Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Comcast Email?

Here are the steps mentioned to configure Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Comcast email:

First of all, you need to open Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 and go to the File menu.

Go to the Account Setting and click New.

Choose the E-mail Account radio button and then hit Next.

Email account radio button

Choose Manual setup or additional server types and hit Next.

Manual Setup

Choose POP or IMAP and hit Next.

Provide your name and email address in the respective field.

Choose IMAP under the Account Type field.

Put into the Incoming mail server: field.

Put into the Outgoing mail server (SMTP): field.

Ensure that the Xfinity ID has been successfully entered in the User Name: field.

Mention the password in the Password: field.

Hit More Setting.

More Setting

Hit the Outgoing Server tab and check-box for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

Ensure that the radio button for Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected. Then hit the Advanced tab.

advanced tab

In the Incoming server (IMAP): field enter 993. Then, choose SSL from the drop-down box for Use the following type of encrypted connection:.

In the Outgoing server (SMTP): field, enter 587. Then choose TLS from the drop-down box for Use the following type of encrypted connection:. Hit OK.

Hit Next and let the Outlook execute a test of the account setting.

Hit Close once the test finishes.

Hit Finish and then hit Close.

How to Delete Comcast Email Account?

Those users who wish to delete their Comcast email account may check the steps mentioned below.

First of all, you need to visit as the primary user.

Xfinity login

Then, open the Users & Preferences.

Select the account or username that you want to delete.

Next, you are required to click on the delete button.

Here, you may also suspend the user. Choose the appropriate option as per your wish i.e. to delete the user or suspend the user.

Finally, click on the confirm button to confirm the delete.

Comcast Email SMTP Settings

To setup Comcast email on an email client, it is important for the user to know Comcast email POP3 settings or Comcast email IMAP settings. As IMAP settings are easier to use and preferred by a large number of users, we are providing Comcast IMAP settings as given below.

  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
  • If the Mail Client lets you select an authentication method, choose STARTTLS.
    • If Needed: 143 with SSL ON
  • Outgoing Mail Server Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 587 (SMTP)
    • If Needed: 465 (SMTPS)
  • Encryption: TLS (use SSL if TLS isn’t shown.)
  • Authentication: Type in your Comcast username and password

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