Google Search Not Working in Chrome

How to Fix Google Search Not Working on Chrome

Google Search Not Working on Chrome

Google search not working in chrome Due to its amazing popularity, Google has now become a synonym for a search engine. It is readily compatible to work with most of the web browsers including chrome.  Although Chrome is also a product of Google it is not rare to see users grumbling that Google is not working in chrome 2021 There is a variety of reasons that can cause such kind of problems. Go through this post to know the reason why you can’t use Google on chrome and what should you do to fix it.

Why Google Search Not Working in Chrome 2021?

Google search not working Some of the most possible reasons why you might not be able to use Google search on chrome are given below.

Why Google Search Not Working in Chrome

  • Weak or unstable internet connection
  • Using an obsolete version of chrome
  • Accumulation of cache and cookies
  • Missing Windows update
  • Virus or malware infection.

5 Ways to Fix Google Search Not Working in Chrome

Google search app not working Whatever be the reason if your Google search isn’t working on chrome then you should check the following steps Google search not working on android.

  1. Firstly, you need to ensure that your device is connected to the fast internet.
  2. If your internet connection is flawless and still, Google won’t load search results in chrome then problems might be related to cache and cookies. You should delete the browser’s data (cache, cookies, search history) and load the result again.
  3. Confirm that you are using the latest version of chrome. Update the web browser if you are using an older version.
  4. Make sure all the windows updates are installed on your device. Generally, the problems like Google chrome not responding windows 10 are caused due to missing updates.
  5. You should also scan your device using a good antivirus in case Google Search stopped working on chrome all of a sudden.

How to Fix Google Voice Search not working on iPhone?

Google not working The google voice search has added a great deal of convenience in traditional Google search. This feature enables you to interact with smartphones (Android/ iPhone) using voice commands. Despite the benefits, there are some technical glitches due to which problem like Google voice search not working on iPhone occurs more often than not. You should follow the instructions given in this post if Google Voice search stopped working on your iPhone.

Easy Steps to Resolve Google Voice Search isn’t working on iPhone Problem

You should go through the steps listed below if Google Voice Search or “Ok Google” not working on an iPhone.

1st Step – Turn on “Ok Google”

First and foremost, you must ensure that the “Ok Google” Hotword is active on your iPhone.

  • Open the Google App. Download and install it from the app store if your iPhone doesn’t have it.
  • Tap on your picture available at the top-left corner.
  • Tap “Voice Search” and turn on the “Ok Google” Hotword.

2nd Step – Update Google App

For the best performance, you should use the latest version of the Google app.

  • Go to the app store and look for updates in case you are using an obsolete version.
  • Please note that it is impossible to update an application from the app store if you are logged out and can’t remember the Google password. Wondering how to recover my Google account password? Well, you can do it using the phone number/ email associated with your account.

3rd Steps – See if the issue is fixed.

  • Make sure you are in a noise-free environment.
  • Say “Ok Google” to see if Google Voice search working on iPhone or not.

4th Steps – Send feedback to Google

If nothing works then you may send feedback to Google.

  • Launch the Google app and tap “your picture” from the top-left corner
  • Tap feedback and enter your issue.
  • Finally, tap “Send.”

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