Solution: Google Search Not Working (iPhone, Chrome, Android, Laptop or PC, MAC)

Is Google Search not working on Chrome 2022, Android, Laptop or PC, MAC? This guide covers quick tricks to fix if Google Search suddenly stops working on Chrome, Laptop or PC, Android or MAC.

Google Search Not Working

Because of using multiple browsers on your PC or laptop or applications on your phone, you may face a number of technical errors including Google Search not working. It feels irritating when Google search stops working either on Chrome, PC/Laptop, Android, or MAC. But, knowing the valid reasons behind the scene can actually help you troubleshoot the issue in no time. This is the key motive of this post letting you know all possible methods to fix if Google search is not working on Chrome, Android, Laptop or PC, MAC.

Google Search Not Working in Chrome- Highlighting Possible Reasons

Due to its amazing popularity, Google has now become a synonym for a search engine. It is readily compatible to work with most of the web browsers including chrome.  Although Chrome is also a product of Google it is not rare to see users grumbling that Google is not working on chrome. There is a variety of reasons that can cause such kind of problems. Go through possible reasons why you can’t use Google on chrome and what should you do to fix it.

Google Chrome

Some of the most possible reasons why you might not be able to use Google search on chrome are given below.

  • Weak or unstable internet connection – As we all know an Internet connection is the most basic requirement to run the Google search engine on any device. Remember, you can’t use Google Search as long as your device is not connected to a wifi or mobile data connection. So, the internet connection is the first thing that you need to check if the Google search isn’t working for you.
  • Using an obsolete version of chrome – Always note that Google search works best on the latest version of Chrome. So, if you are using an obsolete version of the browser then it is quite possible that Chrome might not work for you. To fix this issue, all you have to do is update your chrome browser to its latest version.
  • Accumulation of cache and cookies – Chrome browser stores cache and cookies to make the internet browsing experience much better. However, the accumulation of these cookies can be problematic as well. This is why it is often recommended that you should keep clearing your cache and cookies from time to time in order to fix the Google search engine that doesn’t work properly.
  • Missing Windows update – Sometimes, a missing windows update can also cause Google Search Engine to work inappropriately. That’s why it is always suggested that users should keep updating their windows operating system.
  • Plug-ins and Add-ons installed on the browser – A lot of us users tend to install different plugins and add-ons on the browser to make our browsing experience better. But, the problem is, these add-ons can cause some errors and issues well. So, if you are unable to use Google Search on chrome then it is possible that it might be happening due to plugins and add-ons installed on the browser.
  • Hindrance due to other third-party applications – Just like installed plugins, different third-party applications installed on your device can also result in different errors and issues. Generally, applications like antivirus cause such hindrances.
  • Virus or malware infection – Some malware and viruses are also designed to stop users from accessing Google Search. So, if your device is also infected with such a virus then you might have to face problems with Google Search on Chrome
  • Hardware issues – Google Chrome now offered a voice search feature as well. These features use your voice command through your microphone. So, if your microphone is faulty then Google Voice search will not work on Google Chrome.

5 Quick Ways to Fix Google Search Not Working in Chrome

Whatever be the reason if your Google search  isn’t working on chrome then you should check the following steps Google search not working on android.

Interet is working or not

  1. Firstly, you need to ensure that your device is connected to the fast internet.
  2. If your internet connection is flawless and still, Google won’t load search results in chrome then problems might be related to cache and cookies. You should delete the browser’s data (cache, cookies, search history) and load the result again.
  3. Confirm that you are using the latest version of chrome. Update the web browser if you are using an older version.
  4. Make sure all the windows updates are installed on your device. Generally, the problems like Google chrome not responding windows 10 are caused due to missing updates.
  5. You should also scan your device using a good antivirus in case Google Search stopped working on chrome all of a sudden.

Tricks to Fix if Google Search not working on Laptop or PC (Windows 10)

What actually you need to do when Google search not working on laptop or PC with Windows 10 as an operating system are discussed below:

  1. Run scanner to locate existing virus and malware

Antivirus scan

You must have installed an antivirus in your computer, launch it and run for a full scan of your PC or laptop.

Based on size it may take some time to perform the scanning operation.

Once the scan is complete, remove all malware or adware, if any. Malware or Adware are capable to make changes in the browser’s properties. Restart your computer and if you still find the error persists then check your registry editor for any traces.

  1. Clean up your registry editor

Registry Editor

How will you locate registry editor- find the instruction below:

First of all, you are required to press Windows Key + R and then type regedit and hit OK, the registry editor will open.

You need to navigate the location-Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome. You can also copy-paste the given path for accessing the key.

You need to check if any malware or adware persist in the Chrome key. Delete all those malware or adware and close the Registry Editor.

It is recommended to relaunch the Google chrome and check if error is resolved.

  1. Use in-built Chrome Cleaner

Chrome Cleaner

Open Google chrome in your PC or laptop and click More (three dots in the upper-right corner).

Go to the setting followed by advanced setting.

Then go to the Reset and Clean up section in the left and click Clean up computer. Check, if the error resolved.

  1. Check for a stable internet connection

Internet conection

You must have a stable internet connection if you want the Google Search works flawlessly for you. Therefore, check your router, if internet is connected. Try opening few other URLs to check if internet is working perfectly. In case you find weak or no internet connection then fix it first and check if the error is resolved.

  1. Try disabling the Chrome extensions

Chrome Extensions

There is a chance that one or many chrome extensions are conflicting Google Search to work. Therefore, it is recommended to disable all chrome extensions for once, close the chrome and relaunch it. If you want to find the troubling extension, then disable installed extensions one by one.

  1. Clear browser cache

Clear cache

In order to clear the browser cache, you need to open the Google Chrome and go to More(three dots).

Click setting and go to Privacy and Security section and clear browser cache.

Close the Google Chrome and relaunch it to check if the error is resolved.

  1. Resetting Google Chrome

Restore Chrome

Open Google Chrome and More (three dots in the upper-right corner).

Go to the setting and the click advanced setting in the left side menu.

Go to the Reset and Clean up section and click Restore settings to their original defaults.

Close the Google Chrome and relaunch it to check if the issue is resolved.

If all of the above steps fails then go to the control panel of you PC or laptop and uninstall Chrome and then reinstall it to check if everything is in order.

How to fix if Google Search not Working on Android?

Google Chrome is the default browser for Android devices. The majority of users prefer this browser to access the Google search engine. However, many of them have to face many kinds of problems while doing so. Given below are the steps that you can try in order to fix Google Search that is not working on the Google Chrome browser while working on Android.

Google Search not Working on Android

  1. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your android phone has a wifi or mobile data connection.
  2. Ensure that you are using an updated version of the Google Chrome browser. To check the Google Chrome app version you are using you can follow the steps below.
  3. Click on the three dots icon available at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. After that, you should click on the “Settings” button from the list of options.
  5. Scroll down and tap on the “About Chrome” option.
  6. Now, the version of Google Chrome you are using will appear on your screen.
  7. Clear the Google Chrome data including cache, cookies, and search history and run Google Search once again to see if this resolves the problem.
  8. If the problem continues then you should close Google Chrome and clear the app data from the settings. The steps to do so are as follows.
  9. Go to the settings apps on your Android Phone.
  10. Tap on the “Apps and Notifications”.
  11. Next, you should tap on the “Default Apps” option.
  12. Choose the Google Chrome browser app from the list.
  13. From here, you can clear the app data.
  14. If you have an antivirus app installed on your Android then you should disable the same temporarily and run Google Search once again.
  15. Sometimes, just a simple restart is enough to fix the most complex problems. So, you should restart your android phone and see if this resolves the problem.
  16. In case none of the above steps work for you then you may contact Google for further assistance.

How to fix if Google Search Bar not Working on Android

You’re not alone if Google Search bar in not working in your Android phone. Here is the quick ways to fix Google search widget not working on Android, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Just Restart your Phone

Restart your Phone

Sometimes, just restarting the device resolves a number of technical issues. So, the next time when your Google search stops working on Android then turn off your phone for 15-20 seconds and then turn it ON to check if the issue is resolved.

  1. Ensure Google App is Enabled

Enable Google App

If the Google Search not working even after restarting your phone then it’s time to check if Google App on your phone is disabled by mistake.

For the same, you need to open Settings followed by Application Manager.

Tap the All and go to the Google App to check whether it is disabled to enabled. If you find it disable then make it enable.

  1. Clear cache data of Google Search and Google App

Clear cache data of Google Search and Google App

Even after enabling the Google App, if the issue still persist then clear data and cache of Google Search and Google App.

For the same you need to go to Settings > Apps. Go to the Google App and tap on Force Stop and Clear cache.

Go to the Manage Space and clear all data.

  1. Update Google App

Update Google App

May be you are using an old version of your Google App. For the same, you need to go to the play store and update Google App to the latest version.

Fixed- Google Search not working on MAC

If you are trying to use Google Search in Safari in your MAC system and it’s not working then follow the instructions given below:

Google Search not working on MAC

Step 1– It is recommended to delete all caches. For the same, you just need to close all windows and quit all running applications. Go to the Library > Caches > Then you need to right click on and choose Move to Trash.

Step 2: Delete all cookies except ones from your ISP, Apple and banks.

Step 3: You need to remove file. Close the safari and relaunch it to check if it’s working.

Easy Steps to Resolve Google Voice Search isn’t working on iPhone Problem

You should go through the steps listed below if Google Voice Search or “Ok Google” not working on an iPhone.

Google Voice Search isn’t working on iPhone

1st Step – Turn on “Ok Google”

First and foremost, you must ensure that the “Ok Google” Hotword is active on your iPhone.

  • Open the Google App. Download and install it from the app store if your iPhone doesn’t have it.
  • Tap on your picture available at the top-left corner.
  • Tap “Voice Search” and turn on the “Ok Google” Hotword.

2nd Step – Update Google App

For the best performance, you should use the latest version of the Google app.

  • Go to the app store and look for updates in case you are using an obsolete version.
  • Please note that it is impossible to update an application from the app store if you are logged out and can’t remember the Google password. Wondering how to recover my Google account password? Well, you can do it using the phone number/ email associated with your account.

3rd Steps – See if the issue is fixed.

  • Make sure you are in a noise-free environment.
  • Say “Ok Google” to see if Google Voice search working on iPhone or not.

4th Steps – Send feedback to Google

If nothing works then you may send feedback to Google.

  • Launch the Google app and tap “your picture” from the top-left corner
  • Tap feedback and enter your issue.
  • Finally, tap “Send.”

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