Fix Common Issues in Google Docs Not Working/Loading/Editing on Chorme

How to Fix Google Docs Not Working in Chrome? : We all know both docs and chrome are the products of Google LLC. That’s why these applications are supposed to work fine readily with each other. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many a time, you can find Google docs not loading on Chrome  web browser. Apart from this, the problems can occur in opening or editing Google docs file using the chrome browser.

We request you to go through this post to know the steps that you should follow when Google Docs not working in Chrome  Here, you will find both basic and advanced solutions to get rid of this issue.

4 Ways to Fix Google Docs Not Working in Chrome/ iPhone!

Let’s start with some basic solutions first.

  1. The first thing you should do is refresh your page and try to open the file once again.
  2. Switch to another browser and see if Google docs file is running or not.
  3. Confirm that the file you are trying to open is compatible with docs. In such cases, you might need to convert the file into a supported format.
  4. Sometimes, the size of the file may exceed the limit of the Google Docs editor. Try opening a smaller file to ensure that the application is working fine.

Advanced Solutions if Google Docs still not working in Chrome.

Try the following advanced solutions progressively in case the issue continues.

  1. Turn off Chrome’s plugins and extensions.
  2. Clear the data of Google chrome including caches, cookies, etc.
  3. Switch the offline settings of the browser off and on again.
  4. Finally, check the windows firewall settings.

How to Delete a Page in Google Docs?

While creating a document in Google Docs, finding a random blank page can be extremely annoying. Such issues are more prevalent when working on a document from another source. Luckily, deleting a page in Google docs and all other similar applications for example – Google Sheets is quite easy. Go through this post to know about multiple methods to do so.

How to Remove a Page in Google Docs?

Basically, there are three methods to delete an unwanted page in Google Docs. All three methods are illustrated below:

  1. Highlight and delete a page (Simplest of all three methods)
  • Place your cursor on the top of the page.
  • Highlight the complete page by dragging the cursor to the bottom.
  • After highlighting the page, you may simply press the “Delete” key. This will remove the page straight away.
  1. Adjust the margins
    • Every now and then, an unwanted page is created on Google docs when the margins at the bottom are too big.
    • You can delete such pages just by eliminating the extra space in the margins.
  1. Remove a page break
    • The unintentional page breaks are also a common reason for the extra pages.
    • It is easy to remove these page breaks by placing your cursor in front of the first letter of the page and pressing “Delete”.

As you can see it is pretty simple to delete a page on docs. But what if you need to add one? Well, for such a situation you must know how to insert a page in Google Docs.

Steps to add a Page in Google Docs
  • First of all, place your cursor where you want your page to break.
  • Open the “Break” option under the “Insert” tab.
  • Then, choose “Page Break”. This will start a new page from where your cursor is placed.

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