How to Contact Bitdefender Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number

Virus, malware etc in your PC or mobile phone can cause trouble in operating the device. They may affect the performance of your computer and have the potential to steal your valuable information. To combat the menace of such digital threats, Bitdefender antivirus is one name that pops in the mind of a user. The antivirus acts as an antidote against online threats and secures your PC and mobile completely. However, there are times when Bitdefender stops working normally and create all sorts of problems to the users. This is where the role of Bitdefender customer support comes into play.

Ways to contact Bitdefender antivirus customer service

Users have lots of options to reach to the Bitdefender support team, they can dial the Bitdefender technical helpline number to get an instant solution or they can communicate with a representative through a live chat. Users also have the liberty to contact the team through the official social media accounts of Bitdefender. Here are the modes with which users can take the assistance of an expert at Bitdefender antivirus customer support-


Bitdefender Support Phone Number: (+1) 954 414 9655 and (+1) 954 281 4024 (available 24 hours)

Live chat:

Open an email ticket

Facebook page:

Twitter account:

At Bitdefender customer support, the trained technicians are at your disposal where you can talk to them and get your issues fixed on time. The experts will guide you towards the necessary troubleshooting steps required to resolve the problem pertaining to the antivirus software.

Issues fixed by Bitdefender antivirus technical support

Here are some of the commonly occurring problems that can make the experience of using Bitdefender an unpleasant one. But, with the help of Bitdefender tech support team, users can avail the support services 24 X 7 to get the required solution on time.

  1. Bitdefender installation errors
  2. Cannot download the latest version of Bitdefender antivirus in PC
  3. Bitdefender not scanning/stopped scanning
  4. Computer hangs when Bitdefender runs a scan
  5. Screen got blank after running a scan in Bitdefender
  6. Problem in renewing license
  7. Bitdefender antivirus not updating
  8. Bitdefender won’t let me download files from the internet
  9. Bitdefender showing virus but not deleting it
  10. The speed of my computer has become slow due to Bitdefender

Users can reach out to the experts by calling on the support number for troubleshooting steps to resolve the issues with the antivirus. No matter how major or minor your problem is, the representatives at Bitdefender support will give you the step by step solution regardless of the gravity of the issue.

Get complete help by dialing Bitdefender support number is an online platform to provide the users with valuable information on a variety of products and services offered by Bitdefender. We aim to give the users accurate and to-the-point details on the services rendered by Bitdefender. In case of the information being factually incorrect, you may leave us a comment in the box given below so that we can rectify the mistake if any.

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