Bellsouth Email Not Working

Bellsouth Email not working on iPhone 2021

Thanks to technological advancements, you no longer need a computer to check your emails. As long as you have a mobile phone with an internet connection, you can access your email account with ease. As far as using a Bellsouth email account on iPhone is concerned, you can do it either by using IMAP/ POP settings or by opening Bellsouth email through the safari browser. Usually, Bellsouth email works smoothly on the iPhone. However, every now and then, we can see users grumbling that their Bellsouth Email not working on iPhone.

Keep reading this post if you own a Bellsouth email account and can’t use it on iPhone. Here, we will discuss the steps by which you can fix Bellsouth’s email not working on iPhone/iPad and Bellsouth email setting issues.

Why Email Account not working on iPhone 2021

There are multiple reasons possible why your Bellsouth email might not be working on an iOS device. Some common reasons for problems in using Bellsouth email on iPhone are given below. You can also read our article on ‘How to login to Bellsouth email account’.

  • Slow and interrupted Internet connection
  • Incorrect Email settings.
  • Account blocked by Bellsouth
  • Low storage space in iPhone
  • iPhone infected with a malware
  • Using incorrect login credentials
  • Software conflict due to a problematic app installed on your iPhone.

How to Fix Bellsouth Email Account not Working on iOS Devices – iPhone/ iPad?

Here are the steps that you may follow to fix if your Bellsouth email account not working on iPhone.

  • First of all, ensure that you are connected to a fast and smooth internet connection.
  • Check and verify that IMAP/ POP settings you are using to set up Bellsouth on iPhone are correct. If not, then you need to re-configure the same using correct settings.
  • Make sure your iPhone/ iPad is not running out of storage space.
  • Reload Bellsouth email after clearing cache, cookies, etc. if you are using it through the Safari browser.
  • Uninstall all such applications that may stop Bellsouth email from running properly.

All the steps mentioned above are applicable for problems like Bellsouth not opening, not responding, not working etc.

Bellsouth Email Password Reset

In case you are unable to sign-in to your Bellsouth email account due to forgetting the password then you should check the steps below for Bellsouth Email Password Reset OR Bellsouth Email Password Recovery. You may also reach Bellsouth email support for more assistance.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the Bellsouth login page (AT&T webmail) and click on the “Forgot password” link.
  • Provide your Bellsouth email address in the User ID field and click “Continue”.
  • Select the method of password recovery i.e. either by receiving a temporary password or by answering security questions.
  • Answer the security question or enter the temporary password that you will receive on your phone or alternate email ID.
  • Enter a new Bellsouth password in the appropriate field and confirm the same.
  • Finally, you can now login to Bellsouth email using your new login credentials.

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