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How to Access AOL Email Account With Outlook 2021?

AOL email is one of the renowned email services that is known for its smooth and user-friendly operations. But sometimes, users are seen facing issues with this service thus preventing them from accessing their important emails. AOL not working is a very common issue that occurs every now and then. However, the good news is that there are different ways to fix AOL Mail Not Sending on Mac this problem whenever encountered and can be applied by the users even with very low technical skills. In this article, AOL Matic Customer Service Number different ways to resolve the AOL not working are provided.

Possible Causes for AOL Not Working on iPad

A plethora of reasons can cause AOL not working problems. AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Some major causes behind this are listed below. AOL Matic Phone Number Based on the reason behind this problem, you can apply the right troubleshooting measures and fix the problem.

  • Slow internet speed can affect the working of your AOL account.
  • If you are using a defective web browser to open AOL, problems might occur.
  • The presence of virus in your device can create AOL not working issue.
  • Incorrect email settings are also a major reason behind the not working of AOL.
  • Sometimes, there are issues from the server side that does not allow users to work with AOL.

Steps to Fix AOL Not Working on Mac

By knowing the right troubleshooting steps one can easily resolve the not working of the AOL. AOL Matic Support Number Some simple steps to help the users fix AOL not working issue AOL Mail Not Sending on Mac whenever encountered are provided below.

  1. Fix issues Related to your Internet

Make sure that your device has an internet connection. If you think that there might be some problem with your internet, here are some ways to fix it.

  • Disconnect your router, restart it and then connect it to your device.
  • If using a modem, you need to do the same for the modem as well.
  • For mobile device, restarting your device or turning airplane mode on and then off can fix the basic issues related to the internet.
  • In case these methods do not work for you, you need to contact your Internet Service Provider to fix the problem.
  1. Make Sure There is No Problem With Your Browser

Issues with your AOL can be a result of a faulty browser. In this case, solving the problem with your browser can consequently fix the AOL not working problem. Few ways to fix the browser related issues are given below.

  • Always use a compatible browser to open AOL.
  • Update your browser to its latest version, if not updated already.
  • Clear the cookies and caches from your browser.
  • Delete browser history if clearing caches and cookies does not work.
  • Close and restart the browser.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your browser.
  • If nothing else works, you can use a different web browser.
  1. Check for Problems With Your Device

Sometimes, certain problems with your device can create issues with AOL. Certain ways in which you can fix these issues and start working with AOL again are provided below.

  • Update the operating system of your device to its latest version.
  • In case there is low disk space in your device, make some space. A device low on disk space can create issues with AOL.
  • Make sure that there is no virus in your device as it can also degrade the functionality of AOL. Run a system scan and if any threat is detected, remove it immediately.
  • Simply restarting your system can also sometimes fix issues with it. So, once restart your system and then try to open and work on AOL.
  1. Solve issues With Your AOL Account

If there is any problem with your AOL account that is preventing you from working on it, here are some ways in which the users can solve these problems.

  • Problem with the settings of your AOL account can cause the not working problem. Find and fix such issues to make AOL work again.
  • Make sure that your account is updated to its latest version if using via a mobile application.
  • If your account is running out of storage, it might create some issues. Make some space to fix this problem.
  • For sending/ receiving not working, make sure that you have not exhausted the daily limit.
  • For AOL password not working, you can reset the password to solve the problem.
  1. Other Solutions:

Try some other troubleshooting methods to fix the AOL not working issue:

  • Do not use any other email application along with AOL as it can also affect the working of AOL.
  • In case there is any interference with the third-party application, temporarily disable such application.
  • You can also uninstall and reinstall AOL if using a mobile application to fix the not working. Make sure to use the correct settings for installation.

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