SkyWest Airlines Reservations Number

SkyWest Airlines Flights Reservations Confirmation Phone Number

SkyWest Airline’s shoulders the responsibility of operating flights on behalf of different airlines i.e. United Airlines (as United Express), American Airlines (as American eagle), Delta Airlines (as Delta Connection) and Alaska Airlines.  So, you should note there is no direct SkyWest Airlines Booking Confirmation that you can dial to book your seats. Instead, you need to get in touch with the reservation system of the airlines whose flights are being operated by SkyWest Airlines. We have provided the list of contact number that you need to dial SkyWest Airlines Flights Reservations for the flights of various airlines as given below.

SkyWest Airlines USA Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance of SkyWest Airlines depends upon the airlines whose flight it is operating. Dial- SkyWest Airlines Baggage Phone Number, However, still, there are some SkyWest Airlines USA baggage allowance rules which are applicable for all the airlines as given below.

  • SkyWest doesn’t allow kayaks, windsurf equipment, hang gliders, or extra-large or giant pet kennels.
  • You cannot carry any such item that is classified as oil-based paints, pressurized gas/ liquid, magnetic materials, flammable, corrosive, etc.
  • All kind of poisons and explosives are also prohibited to be carried as baggage in the SkyWest Airlines.
  • The restrictions upon pets depend upon the breed, size, and requirement of the animal.
  • In case of a delay in baggage, SkyWest will reimburse passengers for reasonable toiletry items and essentials for the time they are without their belongings.
  • For the rest of the baggage policies, you are requested to contact the partner airlines in which you are going to travel.

SkyWest Airlines Booking Confirmation Number

Just like the reservation number, there is no direct SkyWest Airlines Booking Confirmation Number that you may dial to confirm or check the status of your flight. No matter if you are looking to track, book or check-in for a flight, you need to contact the partner airlines of SkyWest. In case you don’t which airlines to contact then you may check the SkyWest Airlines route map. In this map, you can see which partner of SkyWest operates in which city. Here is the direct link to open SkyWest Airline route map –

Official websites of various partner Airlines of SkyWest