How do I Contact Adobe Customer Service & Support Phone Number

Meaning of creativity and designing has been changed completely with the introduction of Adobe. It is a suite of software programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Stock, Adobe Flash, Adobe Creative Cloud and many others. Adobe Customer Support Phone Number This software can not only help creating innovative designs but one can also easily edit, organize, store, and share their designs. However, as the benefits it offers are numerous, the problems that arise while using this software can also be plentiful. Since this software is also used by beginners, they may find it difficult to fix the issues all by themselves. Here comes the Adobe customer support to the rescue. You can reach them on the Adobe customer service helpline number, explain your issues and get the required help.

Basic Issues faced while using Adobe

Some common issues that the users of Adobe can face are mentioned below.

  • Problem creating Adobe ID
  • How to fix invalid or revoked serial numbers?
  • Creative Cloud apps appear as trial version even after purchase
  • Issues related to billing and purchase
  • Installation error in Adobe apps
  • Creative Cloud gets sign out repeatedly on its own
  • Problem in updating Adobe ID
  • Error changing email address of your Adobe profile
  • How to renew or update a plan?
  • Charges appearing on bill even without buying anything

You get the solutions to these and many more Adobe problems by calling on the Adobe customer support phone number. The expert executive will get in contact with you and will fix your issues so that you can once again enjoy using your Adobe and reach new heights of creativity.

How to Reach Adobe Customer Service?

As such there is no Adobe customer support number available. However, there are different ways to reach the Adobe Customer Service as given below:

Adobe customer support number: Not Available

Contact us page:

Official website:

Adobe phone number for sales support for its different product is available and queries regarding purchase on can be communicated through these number. These numbers can be easily found on the Adobe’s Contact Us page.

Adobe’s Sales Numbers

Number for Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat: 
Creative Cloud for small and medium business: 
Adobe Experience Cloud: 
Adobe Connect and LiveCycle sales number: 

Users can also join community forum to find the solutions of some common problems posted by other users.

Adobe also offers enterprise support that is dedicated to large organizations.

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